The Fixed Penalty Notice introduced by Ofcom

Under new regulations, Ofcom now has the power to issue a fixed penalty notice to unlicensed radio users. This has been put in place to reduce the congestion and levels of interference to legitimate licence holders.

The fixed penalties Ofcom use are sent to alleged offenders by post. They will then have one month to respond. If you receive one, you can choose one of the following options.

  • Pay the fixed penalty of £100.
  • You could make representations to Ofcom to explain why you shouldn’t receive a fine. You are still advised to pay the penalty while Ofcom review your case.
  • You may ask to be tried for the offence by a court.

If you fail to respond to the letter, Ofcom can then decide whether to prosecute you. If found guilty you may have to pay a fine much greater than the amount of the fixed penalty.

Moral of the story, get a licence, its cheaper!