Fancy a quiet day at the beach? Think again!


Ynyslas National Nature Reserve and Visitor Centre, near Aberystwyth stretches over 3 miles and is full of activity, especially in the summer months. The need for radios is a must which is why we were called.

National Nature Reserves are places with some of the very finest examples of wildlife habitats and geological features. As well as maintaining the unique nature reserve, from the boardwalks to the sand dunes, the staff at Ynyslas beach need to keep in contact so they are ready for any situation.

Channel 0 was programmed into the radios which directly links to the coastguards. The weather can change very quickly, strong winds and tides can be dangerous and can cause a need for quick communication to recover stranded vehicles stuck in the incoming tide.

Radios are also used to cordon off areas as unexploded ordnance from WW2 are normally found uncovered on the beach.