Kenwood Vs Hytera

Kenwood TK3401D 


Hytera PD365LF  




Pros Cons Pros Cons
  • Cost Effective
  • No licence required
  • High quality audio- Powerful output
  • High Capacity battery
  • Switching between analogue and digital is straightforward.
  • More industrial looking
  • Difficult to set/edit channels manually
  • Heavier than the Hytera (280g)



  • Cost Effective
  • Supports analogue and digital
  • Small and lightweight (160g)
  • Integrated Aerials- No fuss with large aerials and less likely to get damaged.
  • 32 Channels
  • Aesthetically pleasing (More retail looking)


  • Belt clip is flimsy and easily breakable
  • Battery difficult to access
  • Can’t replace aerial
  • If plug is not assembled properly, radio will not charge