Radio Shipped in Toilet Roll!

Today we have had a breakthrough at Radio-Active. After many years using the correct packaging to despatch our radios and accessories to our customers, we may have just been introduced to a better option. One of our customers had an ingenious way of packaging their radio.

They must have run out of bubble wrap as they used a TOILET ROLL! Yes, you heard right, the radio was shipped to us wrapped in a toilet roll. Who needs bubble wrap? Could this be the way forward?!

Other forms of wrapping are available!

Antenna ID Bands- Stop with the stickers!

Have you ever been confused about whose radios who’s? Many people put stickers on the radios to identify them, but a common mistake people make is that they end up covering the microphone, so people can’t hear them when they transmit.

A clever way of avoiding this is to use antenna ID bands. These simply just push onto the end of the radio antenna and come in 5 different colours, making it easy for you to be able to identify radios.

New Motorola DP4000e Series Vibrating Belt Clip!

Just when you thought a belt clip couldn’t get any better, Motorola go and bring out a vibrating one. This basically vibrates when you are receiving an incoming call. This is a brilliant accessory to have if you are working in loud environments where you are likely to miss calls. It is also beneficial in quiet environments, because it allows you to quickly respond while not disturbing others as you can have the volume on the device turned down.


Wind Turbine radios

We have been supplying radios to a wind turbine manufacture for a number of years now, which have been used in different locations across the UK. Here is a picture of one of the engineers using a radio on a job in the highlands.

New radios from our ATEX range now online

The Motorola DP4401 EX comes from Motorola new range of Ex ATEX certified DP4000 EX range.

The range features two models, the DP4401 EX and the DP4801 EX. These radios come with standard integrated GPS, 32 channel capacity, three programmable buttons, emergency button and more to integrate into a digital MOTOTRBO radio system.

These radios are rated IP67 meaning they are robust and submersible. They are available in UHF and VHF configurations. Please select when ordering or contact us for more information.

Radios needed for walking an Elephant!

We have recently received a phone call from the Skanda Vale Temple, South Wales. They wanted to send some radios in for a routine service and a couple of repairs, which of course is a regular occurrence here at Radioactive. The client needed the job done quickly due to using the radios on a daily basis walking their……….. ELEPHANT. Yes you heard correct…… their elephant. Without them they won’t be able to take her for a walk. Not something you hear everyday therefore we needed proof, courtesy of Brother Stefan from the Skanda Vale Temple.


Hero farmer climbed back into burning combine harvester and attempted to save crops


A farmer who got back into his burning combine harvester in a bid to drive it away from his crops has lost 15 acres of wheat in a blaze.

Giles Halfhead was driving the combine harvester in a field off the A52 at Haceby, near Sleaford, when one of the workers on the farm radioed him to tell him the back of it was on fire.

Mr Halfhead got out with his fire extinguisher in a bid to tackle the blaze himself, but when that failed he decided to limit the damage to his crops by getting back in and driving it into a grass field.

Mr Halfhead said: “I was just driving it along and one of my troops radioed across to tell me I was on fire, so I quickly stopped and got the fire extinguisher on it.

“It didn’t do much good and I knew the combine was a goner, so I drove it into the grass field to try and limit the damage but the fuel dripped into the wheat and the tracks and the fire spread to the crops – it caught so quickly.

“We had neighbours saying they could see the smoke from miles away – a neighbouring estate at Culverthorpe saw the smoke and sent us a water tank to fill one of the fire engines.

“It was a great example of neighbours pulling together – we’re really grateful for their help.”

Mr Halfhead said that fortunately he was insured, so the farm wouldn’t suffer financially.

He said: “You normally smell it through the air-con but there was no warning with this one.

“It’s not really a common thing to happen – it’s happened to me three times in 45 years of farming, but it’s usually caused by dust.

“You can’t keep them entirely dust-free, but it had just been cleaned – but the way it went up it had to be fuel-related.

“It wasn’t brave or heroic or anything – I just did what I could to save my crop – I didn’t put myself in danger, it was the back end on fire, not the cab.”

Fire crews from Billingborough, Donington, Billinghay and Grantham tackled the blaze on August 13 which was caused by a mechanical fault.