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Trade in - Part Exchange Two-Way Radio Equipment

If you are looking to upgrade your current two-way radio system to more powerful licensed radios or even switching to a full digital radio system, trading in your existing radios is a great way to get get some of your money back.

Anything is considered, so no matter what equipment you may have and in whatever condition, please do get in touch.

Second Hand Equipment

We will program radios free of charge as we have nearly all the programming equipment for Kenwood, Motorola, Icom and Vertex radios for the last 24 years.
Radio-Active Communications Ltd have been supplying and servicing two-way radio equipment to industry for over 24 years. In addition to our huge stock of new two way radio equipment, we also have a vast selection of second hand two way radios and accessories.

From ex-hire and rental hand portabe radios, to trade in mobile vehicle radios and base stations, we have an ever changing stock of second hand equipment which is ideal for businesses on a budget looking for reliable, tested equipment from one of the UK's leading two-way radio specialists.

• Second hand two-way radios and accessories
• Handheld radios and mobiles
• VHF and UHF radios
• Analogue and digital radios
• Programmed to your OFCOM frequencies free of charge
• Tested and approved


We currently have (stock may change):

2 x Motorola P210 VHF hand portable with aerial £60 each
7 x Peltor Ear defenders with Kenwood TK3301/3201/3101 leads £85
6 x Motorola DTR2450 digital radio at £50 each with charger
17 x Motorola DP3600 UHF radio
4 x Motorola DP3601 UHF radio MDH55QDH9LA1 
18 x Motorola DP3600 VHF radio MDH55JDH9JA1
12 x Motorola DP3601 VHF radio MDH55JDH9LA1
6 x Kenwood TK3301 PMR 446 without battery charger
4 x Kenwood TK3201 PMR 446
4 x Scratched Front Case TK3501
6 x Motorola CP040 VHF at £75 each
1 x 8m four section lattice mast price TBA
30 x Motorola GP340 UHF without charger
2 x GP344 UHF
10 x VHF Tait T200
4 x VHF Motorola P110
15 x Motorola GP300
7 x Motorola GM300
5 x Kenwoood TK351 PMR 446 with KNB15 battery
80 x TK3160 with Li ion battery and charger at £100 each
22 x TK3360 with Li ion batery and charger at £140 each
20 x TK2160 with Li ion battery and charger at £100 each
10 x Icom ICF25SR PMR 446 

Motorola GP320/340/360/344 accessories:
15 x Speaker microphones RSM
2 x Single Chargers
10 x 6 Way Chargers

200 x Brand new Peltor hygiene kit HY73 £5 each

Last updated 15/05/15

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