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Sectors we Supply


Our radios provide full coverage, clear reception and emergency features for a range of different construction companies. On-site tests are performed in these types of industries to ensure the radios are working properly and allow the workers to keep in contact at all times.

Repeaters are normally recommended to boost the transmission so that people who are working further away can still get a clear reception. We strategically place the antennas in the optimum positions so that everyone is able to stay in contact. 


Licensed and Unlicensed waterproof, tough two-way radios designed for agriculture environments.

Two-way radios are essential in today's working environments. Our radios will ensure the health and safety of staff across the agricultural industry.Whatever the environment, we have made sure that each radio is tested and works effectively.

Our range of digital radios are fully waterproof and will provide the best coverage, even in the harshest weather conditions. You can view our range of digital radio online at radioactivecomms.co.uk. For simple jobs where there is a smaller coverage needed, unlicensed radios are normally recommended as they are easy to use straight out of the box. 

Digital radios will also offer increased audio quality, which is ideal for the larger and more rural sites. This is where we would recommend you to use a repeater to help achieve coverage in those hard to reach areas. The license can be obtained on your behalf from OFCOM. To get more information about what OFCOM offer, speak to one of our staff here at radioactive.

Emergency Services 

We offer radios for all the emergency services as having reliable communications are essential. Emergency services will need to be in contact with each other at all times so we would recommend licensed radios as they have a large coverage zone and interference will be kept to a minimum.

Hazardous Environments

For employers operating in dangerous environments, safety is key priority. Clear communications are essential in hazardous areas, so we make sure our radios are reliable and easy to use.

Our ATEX radios are designed, tested and approved to provide workers with a safe and reliable means of communication, even in hazardous environments. Companies that work with chemicals and in explosive atmospheres will be able to use these radios with confidence. 

 Distribution/ Wholesale  

The rapid growth in supermarkets and stores in the UK means that there is an increase in the need for reliable communication. Whether it be meeting deadlines, checking store stock, deliveries, vehicle fleets and warehousing, for so many stores this is an important operation that requires high levels of communication which we here at Radio-Active Communications can supply.

Ensuring all staff are equipped with digital two-way radios allows them to connect directly to each other, wherever they are on site or in emergency situations.


In the entertainment industry, maintaining contact with all team members at all times is vital to having smooth operations. Our two-way radio solutions will ensure safety and the ability to keep track of a large workforce. Clear and instant communication is what we try and provide.

Ensuring safety and security, management and crowd control are all areas where the radios will come into play. Our communication solutions give customers the confidence in staying in contact and will allow them to react to any situation.


Measuring 63.95 metres, the shape and size of the Lady Marina is created through a combination of elegant lines, open spaces, and expansive oval windows to form a unique take on classic luxury yachting.

Due to the size of the yachts crew, a two-way radio communication system is vital for the crew to talk to each other from any part of the vessel in all conditions. Clear radio coverage means they can carry out their on-board duties efficiently and safely. 


Holiday Parks  

Holiday resorts require clear communication between all members of staff to ensure smooth operations. Maintaining clear communication between staff and making sure everyone is aware of their specific  job roles is how they are able to provide the best service to the customers. Holiday parks span over a large area, making a mobile radio system a must.

Robust, reliable and easy to use radio are what we provide. 


It is essential for radio communication in all types events to help deal with any type of situation, and ensure the event runs smoothly, whether that be a large festival or night club security. Reliable, easy to use radios are what is needed.

We are confident that our radio systems are dependable and durable, operate in all kinds of weather and terrain, and withstand high-usage.


Radios and communications are being used more and more in education. We offer radios to work with schools, college and university campuses. Our radios will require contact to be maintained will all members of staff, whether that be teachers, site managers and even the maintenance staff.

We would recommend the license free radio as schools tend to have smaller campuses and so will not need radios to work over a large range. They also will not require an OFCOM license, meaning they can be used straight out of the box.


From cycling and hiking to camping and rock climbing, there is always a need for communication. With these activities radios will be required for the safety of those involved.

Mobile phone coverage may not be strong in certain environments, which means that two-way radios may be the best option. It is essential to choose a model that has sufficient range and a long battery life. Digital radios normally have the better battery life and would be perfect for people out for long periods of time.

Our radios also include features that could be very beneficial for outdoor activities. Some radios are waterproof and can tolerate extreme conditions. They are robust, tough and easy to use.


Two-way radios for caterers are important for ensuring a smooth and quick response to orders and letting all members of staff know what they need and when they need it, so the customers are satisfied.

Having radios will therefore maximize efficiency and allow everyone to stay in contact so they are able to deal with any situation.