Kenwood KSC-35 6 Way Rack Charger

Kenwood 6 way charger adaptor allows you to use 6 KSC-35 chargers with one power supply. 

This product comes completely assembled, with 6 KSC-35 chargers, rack and power supply, ready to use. 

Compatible with the Kenwood TK3301TK2302/TK3302 and the new Kenwood TK3401D & TK3701 utilising the KNB-45L lithium ion battery only. 

Compatible with the Kenwood TK-3501T and TK-2000/TK-3000 utilising the KNB-63L lithium ion battery.

Also compatible with the older 
Kenwood models TK3201 and TK2202/TK3202 utilising the KNB-45L lithium ion battery only. 

This cannot be used to charge these models using the KNB-55L or KNB-29N battery. 


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Condition New
Weight 33kg