Motorola DM4400 two way radio

The Motorola DM4400 is an advanced digital mobile radio packed with features. Available in UHF or VHF, GPS or non-GPS models, the DP4400 is the perfect mobile radio to unlock the potential of your MOTOTRBO digital radio system.

Over 1000 channels and integrated bluetooth audio and data capabilities are included as standard in the DM4400 coupled with a standard 2 year warranty. 

The Motorola DP4400 allowing you to operate on analogue frequencies with your existing equipment until you are ready to make the switch to a full digital system.

When fitted to a desktop power supply and an external base station aerial and you have a instant base station radio with the capability of miles of coverage. 

If you need a magnetic mount aerial for your vehicle, please add one above. You can also find them in the accessories section. If you have any questions about fitting or need one of our engineers to fit your new equipment, please get in touch. 

Radio includes:
  • UHF or VHF mobile radio body
  • Microphone
  • Low profile mounting bracket
  • Power cable
  • 1000 Channels
  • Integrated bluetooth audio & data capabilities
  • Ancillary products (emergency switch, external speaker, desktop microphone, visor microphone)
  • Analogue and digital modes
  • Programmable text messaging


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Condition New
Weight 30kg