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Features and Benefits of a Digital Two-Way Radio System

     Integrated GPS Tracking Handhelds
Handheld radios can be tracked which allows management to log where each member of the workforce is at any given time.
Emergency Message Buttons
Buttons on handheld radios can be programmed to send a pre-determined message, either to managment or particular handhelds. A fully customisable feature.
Feature Rich Handsets with endless application expansion
Combined with a software system, handhelds can be tracked to see who is calling who, record their conversations, and even see if users are turning off their radios.
Full Keypads and Colour Displays
There is a radio for every need in the new digital ranges. Basic handhelds for the general employee which communicate seamlessly with full keypad and display models for managment, allowing them to text, log calls and much more.
Night and Day Display Modes
This helps viewing during the daytime in bright conditions as well as in darker environments.
Top Level Security
Scrambling makes signals incredibly difficult to decode. Handhelds are also capable of making private calls as well as group calls.
Tough Handhelds
From tough hand portables on the factory floor or out in the elements, to full colour display submersible models, we can find the perfect combination of radios for you.
Text Messaging
More basic models can be pre-programmed with messages to be sent to any desired radios. High tier models with full keypads can be used to send free-form text messages to individuals or groups.
Some bespoke features of a digital radio system can be seen below:

Digital two way radio features